New Gear!

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Just picked up one of these bad boys…Focusrite makes some good stuff. Now I’m just waiting for my new Neumann TLM 103 (in matte black to give me that extra source of inspiration during my reads).

Who am I? What am I doing here?

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Well, here I am. About to turn 30, and starting a new career…sort of. I’m not giving up my job at Harvard or quitting my band to make extra time for this career; I figure I’ll just tack it on to my schedule and find time to sleep if I can. Welcome to the website and to new beginnings. My desire to do voice work started at a young age, when I was a 3-foot-tall first grader and my mom would tell me that God gave me a low voice so no one would mess with the short kid. “If people bother you,” she would offer, “just say, 'BACK OFF!' as deeply and firmly as you can.” It worked. I grew up doing theatre and was always jealous of anyone who got to perform their roles into an off-stage microphone (think Audrey II). I finally got my break when I played the Wizard of Oz my senior year of high school. For some reason, they put me behind a flat instead of a curtain, so we ended up altering an iconic line from the script to accommodate that. Kinda weak, but I rocked it anyway. In college, people would ask me to play pranks on their friends by calling them on Halloween and pretending to be the Scream voice. Fledgling filmmakers also used to ask me to do spoof trailers in the “Preview Guy” voice. So, I’m excited to give it a go. I’ve studied with Jordan Rich of CBS radio and the owner of Chart Productions in Boston. He’s given me a classical approach to voice-over work, but has also helped hone my sound as contemporary and relevant. If that’s the delivery you’re seeking, I’m your guy. It’s good to be here.

Thanks to everyone who joined the Love in Stockholm mailing list in the past month. We were able to grow the list by nearly 250 people, which is beyond awesome. As promised, we selected one subscriber to win a gift certificate to for $100. And the winner is…Scott H! (Scott, we’ll…

Check out the band.  You’ll like it.

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